Juniper SRX300 and SRX340 USB driver

I’ve been evaluating the new Juniper SRX300 range of Firewalls, specifically the SRX300 and the SRX340.

In addition to the usual RJ45 serial console port, these devices also feature a mini-USB console port, which is basically just a SiLabs USB->RS232 interface.  Unfortunately, Juniper decided to use a custom USB VID:PID coding in the firmware, so the standard SiLabs driver won’t work.

To make matters worse, Juniper didn’t sign their custom driver that they provide.  The result is that you can’t install their driver in a Windows OS that requires driver signing (such as Windows 10) without compromising your client OS by disabling that requirement.

My solution was to purchase a code signing certificate and sign the driver myself.  Since this was at some personal cost to myself, I’m making it available for others in a similar situation, so they don’t have to purchase their own certificate.  I did this after contacting Juniper and not receiving a prompt response.


If this driver has been useful to you, please let me know.


  1. Thanks very much for your efforts, niels!
    I have just received my new SRX300 today, and found to my dismay, that even though I had registered the Product officially, I did not have enough authroisation on the JuniperWeb site to download the driver which I had to find by looking at forums! Anyway, you have helped me out considerably by providing this signed driver which works perfectly 🙂

    I have been looking at the vSRX product running on VMware ESXi, and have found issues so hopefully the hardware version should work fine.


  2. Same here, with my (officially registered) account I didn’t get the privileges to access the downloads 🙁
    But then I stumbled upon this post 🙂
    Niels, your driver has been useful to our SRX320, thanks!


  3. Thanks niels,
    Just found out that the regular SRX300 console port did not work (not sure why) so I’ve tried the RS232->USB interface and worked like a charm after I used your signed driver (as Juniper for some strange reasons did not sign the driver) and that worked great.

    Seems like the USB interface might the prefered interface for the SRX300?


  4. Yeah, man! Last commit didn’t work and locked me out of web UI, so USB console access and YOUR driver worked perfectly! Thank you so MUCH!


  5. Thank you very much. Very helpfull


    1. Thank u mate, u are so helpfull (y)


  6. Thank-you very much for the USB driver! Using it on SRX300’s and SRX340’s in Windows 10 at last.


  7. Mine overheated without a fan or any amount of flow(has to have something) after a short while green to yellow and warning. Bought on amazon as talking to juniper on the phone they said those are their boxes. But cannot be registered?why? Makes no sense at all. E=Why authorize those to sell and not allow them to be updated. So to purchase officially everywhere I looked was 100.00$ more?

    On the shelf it sits


  8. Hi mate,

    Thank you for doing what Juniper doesn’t. 😀

    I confirm. Works in Windows 10 (Aniversary Edition) and SRX-300 (15.1)


  9. Thank you! I had the same problem as so many others – no driver supplied with my new SRX, standard Windows drivers don’t work, insufficient access to Juniper’s website to download anything. But it’s all working now.


  10. Thanks for your efforts, the driver is working very well!


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